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Latest Blog Posts

Slow Down When Eating Your Food

We have all been there – you are so busy running between errands, kids' activities, work meetings and 1001 competing priorities that you grab some food on the go and wolf it down. You barely remember the first couple bites and now it’s all gone. Today I want to share with you the simplest and quite possibly the most effective nutritional habit that you can implement in your life, which can have a massive impact.

A Convenient Dumbbell Workout

One of the best parts of dumbbell workouts is that they are convenient: owning just a few sets offers options for a full-body workout. Convenience is key. To achieve any fitness goal you have to be consistent. Convenience breeds consistency; the workout you do once per month is far less important than your daily movement habits. Plus, dumbbell training is functional, effective, and fun.

The #1 reason you're not seeing results

The #1 reason why you haven’t seen the results you desire today isn’t because you haven’t done what has worked for John or Sally, it’s because you haven’t been consistent with what you have tried in the past. Often when we try to do everything at once, we end up doing nothing well.

Put Your Dumbbells to Good Use

Today’s topic is training with dumbbells. “Dumbbell training” is a two-part blog. In this blog I outline basic strength training principles so you know how to organize your dumbbell workout. In my next blog I will outline my favourite dumbbell exercises. Put the two together and voila — success with dumbbells.

Don't want to count calories? Then balance your plate.

A balanced plate (and diet) can go a long way in helping you achieve your weight-loss or health-related goals. But what does a balance plate look like? Do you know how much carbs, protein, veggies and healthy fats you should have on your plate? And if you do have an idea, how do you measure that without looking like a food-obsessed freak?!

Simple (but effective) 20 minute do anywhere workout

If getting out of your house and to the gym is a major challenge, make it easier by having some fitness gear at home and a few go-to workouts that you can do with limited space and time. Today I am sharing a simple circuit that will help challenge your cardiovascular system, assist in improving your strength and leave you sweaty in 20 minutes or less! For this circuit you will need 2 sets of dumbbells.

The amazing Sprint 8 workout

Have you ever heard of Sprint 8? Well, let me tell you, it's an amazing, efficient, fat-burning HIIT workoutcardio workout that will kick your butt and motivate you to keep going. And it only takes 20 minutes. It's featured exclusively on Matrix Fitness cardio products. Let me tell you a bit more about it and its benefits.

Fun Treadmill Workouts for Every Fitness Level

This blog is the first of a series of “How to use X” columns. In each I will outline how to use a different piece of equipment - this first post is about the treadmill. We'll look at the two basic types of cardiovascular workouts: “steady-state workouts” and “intervals.” Read more for workouts you can do at home with your treadmill.

Trying to Change Your Lifestyle? Pinpoint Your Linchpin and BNB Habits!

Instead of spending max effort attempting to alter habits that won’t drastically change your health status - how frustrating and demoralizing - pinpoint your linchpin and BNB (biggest negative bang) habits. The more an eating regimen disrupts your current linchpin and BNB habits, the more impact the change will have.

5 Tips to progress from a kneeling to real pushup

Do you feel like you're not good at push ups, or can't do them? I say you can! With the correct exercises and proper form, I promise you that if you focus on it, you CAN do push ups, and do them well. Just think about how great you’ll feel when you can finally knock out a set of 10 perfect push ups! Here are my top 5 tips to progress from push ups from your knees to full blown proper push ups.