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Home Gym Equipment | Home Weight Bench Set

Home Gym Equipment

Flaman Fitness has a selection of home gyms to give you a great total body work out and improve your strength. Work out various areas such as arms, legs and core.

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Home Gym Equipment at Flaman Fitness

Flaman Fitness features an extensive collection of home gyms to give you a complete body workout and improve your overall strength. As the largest chain of fitness stores in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, with additional locations in Ontario, we have the resources to find you a universal, multi-station fitness machine that suits your needs and level of exercise expertise.

Our popular home gyms for sale provide a wide rage of exercise options, allowing you to target your arms, legs, shoulders, abs and your core all with one convenient machine. And Flaman Fitness in Canada offers the best home gym machines from reputable fitness brands such as Freemotion, TuffStuff and X-plode—we have a home gym machine for everyone.

For beginners who are limited in space in their home, the TuffStuff SPT-6 Six-Pack Trainer is compact and space-efficient while still offering unlimited functional and strength training exercise capabilities. For an advanced at-home workout, the comprehensive TuffStuff Apollo 3-Station Gym attacks all parts of your body for a complete strength and conditioning routine. And the innovative Freemotion Dual Cable Crossover F624 enhances your muscle strength with its unique pulley design that ensures nearly limitless range of motion.

About the Benefits of Home Gyms

Home gyms are the perfect way to workout at home without the hassle of commuting back-and-forth to a commercial gym. Exercise with the convenience of privacy and freedom at your own residence without worrying about body shaming or overly strict rules of use at your neighbourhood fitness centre—all while still building muscle mass and improving your body’s physique.

Plus, home gym machines are both time-efficient and cost-efficient. You not only save time on the aforementioned commute, but waiting for gym equipment to be free of use, chatting with acquaintances, spending extra time in a shared locker room—all of this adds up to precious minutes. Plus factoring in the costly expenditures of annual gym memberships, travel expenses and other sundry costs, home gym machines save you money in the long run.

Home gym machines are the perfect way to get in shape and build up your strength. Shop now at Flaman Fitness or contact us for more information about the best universal home gym machine for you, and find more details about strength machines and weight training by visiting our pages on Types of Strength Machines and Strength Equipment Selection.