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Stair steppers for a home gym or for bulk purchase at a commercial gym are low-impact cardio machines that deliver optimal fitness workouts ideal for performing long, low-intensity exercises. Flaman Fitness provides a great variety of stair steppers, from traditional workout steppers to cardio-strider steppers and the revered Bowflex Max trainer stepper. With any stepping device, you can get a toned body and lose weight at the same time all within a matter of weeks.

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How to Use a Stepper Machine

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About the Benefits of Exercise Stair Steppers

Steppers are a great and easy way to increase your aerobic activity. Since they’re designed to increase your endurance gradually—helping you to lose weight with long exercises—your resting heart rate slows as your cardiovascular system grows stronger. This improves the efficiency of your body’s heart, and thus also your overall health, while making other exercises and even day-to-day chores feel easier to accomplish.

Steppers are designed to simulate the experience of walking up a flight of stairs, but (in addition to you not having to constantly walk back down a real flight of stairs) they have the added benefit of resistance control, which means you can control the intensity of your simple, low-skills cardio workout at the flick of a button. This process optimizes your ability to lose weight as you can climb at a brisk pace or focus on toning your lower-body muscles, such as your glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves.

Studies show that 30 minutes of stair stepping helps to reduce stress levels, and up to two hours of stair stepping just a few times a week can lead to losing as much as 40 pounds within a year.

Cardio Exercise Rowing Machines at Flaman Fitness

Flaman Fitness has some of the best and most unique stair steppers for your at-home gym, corporate gyms, community gyms or even just for tucked away at your office thanks to their compact design and ease of use. At Flaman you can buy exercise stair steppers online or in-store with a selection of brands ranging from Bowflex, Inspire Fitness and Spirit Fitness.

For a classic and highly effective stair-stepping exercise, the Spirit Fitness CS800 Stepper combines the familiar and cardio-burning stepping action with an arched step-rail design and heightened step levels to maximize your lower-body movements. The Inspire Fitness CS3 Cardio Strider reduces tensions on your knees because of its seated positioning while still targeting all of the key lower-body muscles, and its moving handlebars provide an upper-body workout as well. And the famous Bowflex Max Trainer, one of the most elaborate and efficient stair steppers on the market and which is available at Flaman Fitness, provides a highly productive and low-impact cardio workout in just a matter of minutes.

Flaman Fitness is one of Canada’s largest chain of fitness stores, with locations across B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. You can purchase a stair stepper online or at any one of our in-store locations. And to truly maximize your workout, checkout our custom, online tutorial for instructions on how to use a stair stepper properly.