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Rowing Machines

Indoor rowers are an excellent way to tone muscles while burning calories all at once, without the inconvenience of having to join an outdoor rowing club. For an exercise machine that focuses on a cardio workout, rowing machines also do a fabulous job at targeting select muscle groups for an all-around indoor workout routine. Flaman Fitness offers a strong selection of exercise rowing machines to provide you with a high-quality strength-endurance workout in your home gym or for commercial gyms.

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About the Benefits of Rowing Machine Workouts

The benefits of an indoor rowing machine for your at-home gym are incredibly versatile thanks to the well-balanced functionality of an indoor rower.

Rowing machines help build key muscles, such as upper-body muscles and, with proper technique that outdoor rowers know well, thigh muscles too. Incredibly effective, they also augment your endurance levels and stamina. Rowing machines primarily serve as a cardio-exercise machine and they do an excellent job doing it. In simulating the motions of outdoor rowing without the inconvenience of balancing challenges, indoor rowing machines force you to push your own body weight against your legs while also pulling in with your arms, targeting almost your whole body and requiring your heart to pump more blood faster to more areas.

Plus, indoor rowers make an ideal home-exercise machine since they’re relatively affordable, easy to use and low impact, meaning they’re easy on your joints with almost no risk of injury to your knees or ankles.

Cardio Exercise Rowing Machines at Flaman Fitness

Flaman Fitness has the top indoor-rowing machines for sale online or at one of our many stores in Canada. As Western Canada’s largest chain of fitness stores and one of the largest nationwide with additional locations in Ontario, we have the resources to carry some of the best rowing machines on the market for at-home exercises, including from top brands Concept, First Degree Fitness, Inspire Fitness, Progression Fitness and Spirit Fitness.

We carry indoor rowing machines with magnetic resistance, air resistance and water resistance to suit the exercise needs of anybody, regardless of your fitness level. The high-powered Inspire Fitness CR2 Cross Rower is uniquely designed with bi-directional resistance for a full-body workout; the Spirit Fitness CRW800 Rower is adjustable for quick resistance-level changes and easily folds for convenient storage; and the slick First Degree Fitness Monaco Water Rower uses patented Fluid Technology to mimic the experience of outdoor rowing as much as possible. Buy rowing machines online or from one of our many fitness stores across B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.